Jeremy Neal, AEA 

HEIGHT : 5'7"



Off Broadway

Test                                              Javier/Jake**        Stage Left Studios/dir. Cheryl King

Frank Women                              Frank**                Stage Left Studios/dir. Cheryl King

The Deep Throat Sex Scandal     Joey/others**        Bleecker Street Theatre/dir. Jerry Douglas

National Tour

Nate the Great                              Nate                      TheatreworksUSA/dir. Tracey Bersley

Selected Theatre

Children of Eden                        Adam/Noah           AMT./dir. Brian Quillin

To Kill a Mockingbird                Jem Finch             Backstage Theatre Co./dir. Darren J. Butler

Godspell                                     John/Judas            AMT./dir. Brian Quillin

Little Shop of Horrors                 Seymour*            AMT./dir. Ron Harris

You’re a Good Man, CB             Schroeder             Onstage Entertainment/dir. Jan Fincher

The Miracle Worker                    James Keller         Helen Keller Foundation/dir. Darren J. Butler

    *Nomination for Best Leading Actor in a Musical –NYT Association

   **Original Role



Leather                                      SUPPORTING      Willing Suspension Films/dir. Patrick McGuinn

Brothers                                     LEAD                    Independent Film/dir. Chad Lang 

Christmas Blend                        LEAD                   Willowbrook Productions/dir. Jeff Blevins



In Search Of (Pilot) LEAD dir. Cheryl King/Marisa Bramwell

The Goodwife                            Juvy Deliquent     CBS


Cabaret Appearances

common place heros and everyday saints       Featured Singer        Don't Tell Mama

One More Miracle Time                                 Featured Singer         Don't Tell Mama

Another Miracle Time                                    Featured Singer         Don't Tell Mama


CD Recordings

Evolution                                                       Solo CD                    Independent Record (2007)

Kissing a Fool                                                Solo CD                     Independent Record (2006)

DJ Neal                                                          Solo CD                     Independent Record (2005)


Directing Experience 

A Dolphin Up a Tree!                                     Oliver Studios 

EEEK! A Mousical                                         Stage 72 (formerly The Triad)

Poor Momma                                                  Studio One

How to Eat Like a Child                                 KAPA

Happy Flower and the Weeping Willow         Oliver Studios

The Christmas Gift                                         Sunrise Entertainment


Acting/Improvisation –Cheryl King, Seth Barrish, Lee Brock, Darren J. Butler

Voice – David Kelso, Luz Tolentino-Lardrillono, Judy Rodman

Dance (ballet, jazz, tap) – Mary Hadverstadt, Jane Kohl, Melissa Kohl-Blackburn 

Special Skills

Tenor/baritone (low A to a high C), certified fire guard, roller skater, licensed driver (car and boat), photography, Southern dialects and various voices,  can have a lisp,  good with children, animals (& adults too), drummer/percussionist, improvisation,  can raise just one eye brow and can fall on cue

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